Being a CPS principal is very rewarding. Every day, I get to see my students grow and change, learning what they need to know to be successful in high school and beyond.

I’m so proud of the progress we’ve made at my school. Thanks to our talented students and teachers, Dore is a thriving neighborhood school. But with more potential budget cuts on the table, I can’t celebrate just yet. This is why I went to speak to the Chicago City Council last week. I wanted to give them examples of how schools like mine still need their help, and let them know how devastating further budget cuts could be to our students.

I know I’m not alone in these concerns. Every educator and parent I talk to is uneasy about our District’s current budget gap and what it could mean for the future of our schools. That’s why I decided to speak out publicly – not just in Chicago, but for Chicago.

I hope this might inspire our leaders to work together in Springfield to solve this budget crisis once and for all and let us get back to what we’re all here to do: give the children of Chicago the education they need and deserve.

Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez
Principal, John C. Dore Elementary School

Read Principal Alvarez’ testimony to the Chicago City Council below.

Good Morning Madame President and Council Members,

I first want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mayor Emanuel and Alderman Quinn for supporting Dore Mission Addition and providing us with some relief with the 8 classroom modular that was put up this summer due to our overcrowding. Our community (Clearing) has been very supportive during construction and parking constraints due to the modular being placed over the school parking lot.

I am reaching out today to express that we are still in need of your support due to additional students enrolling at Dore School. Eight years ago when I first started at Dore there were 508 students. We are now at 720 students. We currently have three grade levels that have 37 students in the classroom although we had the added modular. We continue to convert our small gymnasium into a cafeteria by bringing in tables and knocking them down again so students can have physical education once lunch is over. We also converted the teacher’s lounge into a smaller cafeteria for the overflow since the other room has a capacity of only 77. Our concern is that although we have the temporary relief we are still in need of a permanent location to support us not only with added rooms but necessary resources such as a gymnasium, computer/media lab, cafeteria, library, an auditorium and now a parking lot.

Dore continues to need your support to ensure that the children of John C. Dore School have the facilities that equal the academic excellence and standards they have demonstrated in the past years.

We ask that you keep us posted of any progress regarding a permanent location for John C. Dore School that will relieve our overcrowding and necessary resources for our children. Thank you for your time.