Dr. Janice K. JacksonChief Education Officer, Chicago Public Schools

No matter what school they attend, all students need a high-quality education that prepares them for success in college, career and life. For that to happen, all public schools in the city of Chicago must be held to the same academic standard. Without this accountability, we would be offering our students and their families far less than they deserve.

Today, the Chicago Board of Education will vote on a policy that raises the bar for Chicago’s charter schools. It will help us better determine which charters are performing well, and will give us the ability to deal quickly with those that are not, first by placing them on a rigorous academic warning list, and then by removing them altogether if they fail to improve. The policy will also help us make decisions on whether to allow new charter schools, as proposals must meet high standards and demonstrate how they will specifically fill unmet demand throughout the city.

Parents get to decide which school is best for their children, whether it be a neighborhood, selective enrollment, magnet, or charter school. This why CPS is committed to providing options, and to ensure that whatever their choice, Chicago families are enrolling their children in quality schools.

By measuring all schools with the same yardstick, this policy will remove the mystery around charter schools. No matter where their children enroll, families will know that CPS expects ALL schools to provide a rigorous, well-rounded education that puts children on the path to success.


To learn more about the proposed charter policy, see cps.edu/news.