Math anxiety? Not at CPS. Not when 66,000 students in 400 schools just conquered the LearnStorm Challenge.

We celebrated this accomplishment today, with Mayor Emanuel congratulating the nine elementary schools that topped the leader board during this online math challenge: Harvard, Addams, Lee, Lenart, Bridge, Mary Lyon, Esmond, Turn-Drew, and Clinton Elementary.  These schools will proudly display the LearnStorm pennant they received today – proof of their success in conquering this year’s LearnStorm   Challenge.

LearnStorm does more than ask students to find the right answer. It rewards kids for trying, giving them “hustle points” that earn them rewards and encourage them not to give up, even when the Math gets tough. These rewards included Chromebooks, which over 30 students took home, and grants to help bring new technology to their schools. Technology like the innovation labs in our STEM elementary schools, which are getting students interested in robotics, mechanical engineering, and other skills that are essential for the jobs of tomorrow.

LearnStorm fits perfectly with our CPS Connects program – a partnership between CPS and the Chicago City of Learning – which works to link what’s happening in the classroom with learning opportunities at home and in the community, an important way for students to  take their education into their own hands.  

Congrats to the thousands of CPS students who accepted the LearnStorm Challenge, and huge thanks to the families and teachers who supported them along the way!