“Despite our financial challenges, CPS students are doing better than ever before.”

Summer school1This statement has been at the center of our fight for fair funding, and it’s true. The latest proof is in our summer school numbers, which took an incredible turn in 2016.

Thanks to the hard work of our students, and the dedication of our teachers and principals, 25 percent fewer children will need summer school compared to a year ago. This result means better test scores and grades across the board, and shows that our focus on improving reading skills among primary grade students is really paying off.Summer School2

Summer school will still be available for those students who need it, and I thank the teachers who will put in the time to help these children get back on track and start fresh in the fall. But thanks to our District’s effective strategies, far more students will leave school for the summer ready for the next grade level.

You can read more about our summer school progress in this recent Sun-Times story.

Dr. Janice K. Jackson

Chief Education Officer