On June 22, CPS filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge against the leadership of the Chicago Teachers’ Union, for their actions against teachers who chose to come to work on April 1 – the date of CTU’s illegal one-day walkout.

Teachers who came to work on April 1 did so because they are committed to their students.  Their dedication should be respected, yet CTU leadership is punishing members who refused to participate in the one-day strike – expelling them from their union.

By taking these actions, CTU leadership doubling down on illegal conduct.

Earlier this year, the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (ILERB) ruled that the April 1 strike was an illegal action.  Under Illinois law, this ruling allows educators to exercise their right to refuse to participate in an illegal strike. By punishing educators who put their students first, CTU leadership is not only flouting the law, but sending a clear message about their priorities to CTU members.

This is why we felt it was necessary to take action.

For educators, parents, and students this week has been filled with celebration of all that has been accomplished over the past school year.  It’s important that we take this moment to stand up for our priorities.  

Rather than unfairly disciplining its members, we continue to ask CTU leadership to join us in our fight for funding, adding their voices to the call for equitable funding.  Without a funding solution, our classrooms are at risk – and now is not the time to ease up.

Both chambers of the General Assembly have passed legislation that would advance equitable education funding for students and fair treatment of taxpayers throughout the state.  The remaining barrier is Governor Rauner.  

The Illinois State Constitution makes clear that the State has primary responsibility for funding education.  We hope that CTU leadership will press the Governor to fulfill his responsibility so that together, we can once again focus on what matters most: the success of our students, our educators, and our district.