In 2015, CPS students earned a composite ACT score of 18.2.  This year, that score rose to 18.4.

This improvement may seem modest, until you consider that between the years 2005 and 2010, the District’s composite ACT score rose by the same margin: 0.2 points.

In other words, our students did in one year what it took 5 years to achieve at the start of the millennium. What’s more, many schools did not stop there.

Take Marshall High School, where students brought their scores up by 0.8 points, or Washington High School, where the increase in ACT scores over the past four years has been an amazing 1.5 points.

These schools represent a citywide trend – a pattern that has seen CPS students raise their composite ACT scores by 1.2 points since 2011, and that led to last year’s record-high score. As ACT scores go up, so do scholarship offers, college enrollment, and college persistence, ensuring that for more students than ever, higher education is a viable path.

Our composite ACT score shows District-wide improvement in Reading, Math and Science, with more and more CPS students testing at or above the national average. It is tangible proof that CPS is on the right track. That our students, teachers, and school leaders are working harder than ever, and that we are providing them with the tools and resources to be successful in the classroom.

Our record-high ACT score is the latest in a slew of positive gains, including:

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