Remarks as prepared for CEO Forrest Claypool on December 1, 2016 regarding Governor Rauner’s Veto of SB 2822.
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“Thank you for joining us today. I have fully briefed President Clark, who is deeply concerned and disappointed in this harmful action. He asked me to convey that the Board believes that the Governor should not put his political agenda before children – -and that all Illinois children deserve to be treated fairly. We will continue to fight for this fundamental principle.

Governor Rauner has today acted impulsively and recklessly, reneging on his promise to our school children, their teachers and their parents. Governor Rauner’s actions threaten to disrupt the remarkable academic progress of nearly 400,000 innocent school children—children who have nothing to do with the governor’s standoff with legislative leaders; children who have done nothing to create the dysfunction in Springfield; children who simply want to receive their fair share of resources so they can finish the school year and continue their educations. They should not be pawns in the governor’s cynical political game.

By going back on his word, Governor Rauner is treating Chicago children like they deserve less than every other child in our state. With a stroke of a pen, the governor has relegated poor, minority children to second class status again, erasing the gains made in the summer legislative session.

As you may recall, prior to the summer’s budget changes, CPS children received just 15 percent of state funding despite representing 20 percent of state students and despite comprising a system that is both 85 percent minority and 85 percent low income, a disparity that is both shocking to the conscience and a likely violation of our civil rights laws. With increased pension funding for suburban and downstate districts, the governor’s actions today take us right back to where we were.
This is a move that goes against the bipartisan agreement that leaders throughout the state reached this past summer in recognition of Illinois’s deep funding disparities that harm poor children not just in Chicago but throughout the state. It’s also a slap in the face to Chicago taxpayers who took on an increased tax burden as part of a bipartisan compromise to address funding. And most importantly, it threatens to derail the progress our students have made in recent years.

We are committed to partnering with the leaders in Springfield who have already worked to generate equitable funding for CPS and we will not sit back as the governor attempts to make CPS students the casualty of his unrelated political agenda.”

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