Your Voice, Your School: Become Part of an LSC
DISTRICT | February 22, 2016
Your Voice, Your School: Become Part of an LSC

Each CPS school has an LSC – a group of parents, educators and community members who have a lot to say about how their school is run. LSCs select and evaluate the school principal, decide how best to use funds and resources in the school, and create improvement plans that will allow students to grow and thrive.

Joining an LSC means becoming a champion for your child and their classmates, all of whom deserve the best education that our District has to offer.

And right now, LSCs are holding elections to determine their newest members.  

This is a critical time for CPS.  As a District, we’re facing unprecedented financial challenges and tough headlines – but these don’t tell the whole story.

Despite these obstacles, our students are thriving.

Attendance, ACT scores and graduation rate are at an all-time high, and 60 percent of our graduates are enrolling in college. Our dropout rate is less than 8 percent, and last year’s graduating class earned more than $950 million in scholarship offers.

These gains are only possible because of strong principals, teachers, and the LSCs who support them.

Deadlines are approaching quickly; click here (English | Spanish) to learn how you can join the team that will help guide our schools to continue making incredible progress in the classroom.