CPS Teachers Raising the Bar
DISTRICT | March 16, 2016
CPS Teachers Raising the Bar

We talk a lot at CPS about setting high expectations for our students; about encouraging them to work harder and reach higher to realize their full potential. It’s exciting, then, to see our teachers following that same advice.

Today, the new class of National Board Certified CPS teachers were recognized, with CPS and CTU leadership on hand to celebrate.  For close to a year, these teachers engaged in hundreds of hours of study and self-analysis, putting their teaching methods under a microscope to learn where they are excelling and where they could improve. They did this while juggling their personal lives and the demands of their classrooms, all so that they could become even stronger teachers for our children.

NBCT is the highest credential a teacher can achieve, and we’re proud to say that CPS has more of these outstanding teachers than any urban school district in the country. By choosing to make this investment in themselves, these professionals are raising the bar for our entire District, and we are so lucky that they’ve chosen to devote their time and talents to the students of Chicago.

As CPS’ Chief Education Officer, Janice Jackson, said today: “I spend a lot of time talking to people outside the District about the accomplishments of our students, and each time I do, I preface those gains – our rising test scores, growing college enrollment, and record-high graduation rate – with the statement that none of it would be possible without our outstanding teachers.”

Congrats to the NBCT class of 2016!