CPS Students Set Record-High Grad Rate in 2016
DISTRICT, STUDENTS | September 5, 2016
CPS Students Set Record-High Grad Rate in 2016

Five years ago, just over half of CPS students graduated from high school.  Today, that number is 73.5 percent.

Lindblom 2016 gradsThis jump in achievement is a testament to the hard work of our students, and the commitment of their families, teachers and principals — and it means that more than 20,000 CPS students earned their diploma this year.

As we begin a new school year, we want to acknowledge the high bar set by these students for future classes:

  • More students are attending class.  The attendance rate for the 2015-2016 school year was another District record at 93.4 percent.
  • Students are leading their national peers.  NWEA-MAP scores show CPS 4th and 8th graders continue to outpace their peers in reading and math.
  • College enrollment. For the first time, 42 percent of CPS graduates enrolled in a 4-year college or university in the 2014-15 – quickly approaching the national average of a 44 percent college enrollment rate.
  • Career and college credentials. In the 2014-15 school year, 36 percent of CPS students earned one or more of the following college or career credentials: early college credit, a 3+ on an AP exam, a 4+ on an IB exam, an approved career certification or a JROTC program completion certification. This represents a 5-point increase from the year before.  
  • $1.1 billion in scholarship offers.  The CPS Class of 2016 received a combined total of $1.1 billion in scholarship offers to pursue their college or professional careers.  

Curie gradThese accomplishments are all worthy of celebration, but have not happened by chance.  CPS’ mission is to prepare every student for success in college, career, and community — and that begins by making strategic investments in programs that focus on postsecondary planning.  Programs like IB, AP, STEM, and dual-credit/dual-enrollment opportunities in schools throughout the city, all which have expanded over the last five years.

As we celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our school communities in 2016, we remain focused on the classes ahead; on our students’ success in school, and on their futures beyond our District.

You can read more about our District-high graduation rate here.