District Progress Report Shows Gains Across the Board
DISTRICT, STUDENTS | September 7, 2016
District Progress Report Shows Gains Across the Board

Each quarter CPS students receive progress reports; a tool educators and families can use to make sure their students are on track, or to adjust their lesson and study plans if not.

This year, CPS is taking that same measure of accountability and transparency to our district-level performance by releasing an Academic Progress Report.  This report includes data on key metrics from 2011 through the 2015-2016 school year, and will be continuously updated so all members of the CPS community are able to see how the District is progressing towards student success.

You can see the full progress report here:  ENGLISH | SPANISH

The news is outstanding, especially regarding the Freshmen-on-Track and dropout rates, which were released for the first time with this report. Freshmen-on-Track, which is a strong indicator of a student’s likelihood to graduate from high school on time, jumped from 84.1 percent in 2015 to a District-high 87.4 percent last year, while the one-year dropout rate fell to just 6.8 percent – a record low for the District.

The dropout rate continues an encouraging trend, moving from 11.2 percent in 2011 to less than 7 percent last year. And the improvement in Freshmen-on-Track speaks to an effective high school strategy – one that ensures students have the resources and supports to be successful during their early years in high school.

The District’s Progress Report also touts an attendance rate of 93.4 percent, record performance on standardized tests, and a graduation rate of 73.5 percent, which outpaces the national average and represents an increase of 16.6 percentage points in just the past five years.

The dramatic improvements shown in this report are the result of careful investments by CPS and the City of Chicago: lengthening the school day and school year, embracing the rigorous Common Core Curriculum, and expanding school options like STEM, IB, AP, and dual credit/dual enrollment opportunities in every corner of the city.   

That these results have turned CPS into a national leader in urban education reflects the dedication of our educators, the support of our families and school communities, and the talent and competitiveness of our nearly 400,000 students.

The progress report will be continually updated as additional key metrics become available, and we hope you’ll check back to see more.  

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