Parents Unite for Healthy Schools
DISTRICT, STUDENTS | January 10, 2017
Parents Unite for Healthy Schools

All parents want their children to eat healthy and stay active. But some in the CPS community are going further than just asking kids to eat their vegetables.


Dr. Janice Jackson addresses the Parent Leadership Summit

Last month, hundreds of CPS parents made time in their busy schedules to attend a conference on healthy living. They learned about the value of nutrition education, and the correlation between physical activity and improved academic performance. Mostly, they learned how to help their children develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and about how to become wellness champions in their schools.  

This conference was presented by the Healthy Schools Campaign, which along with Parents United for Healthy Schools, has partnered with CPS for a decade, training families on developing healthy lifestyles and urging CPS to take major steps toward creating stronger health standards in our schools.

Together, we’ve put a renewed focus on daily P.E. and recess, expanded healthy food choices in our schools, and added daily breakfast for our students. We’ve increased the number of community gardens and farmer’s markets in our schools, and continue to provide our students with free vision and hearing screenings, free dental care, and general healthcare services in our school-based health centers.

Dr. Janice Jackson, the Chief Education Officer for CPS, addressed the conference participants at the conclusion of their day, thanking them for helping our students build the skills and habits they will need to unleash their full potential. She reiterated the need for their partnership, and applauded them for being the type of parents who are so invested in their children’s education that they’ll spend an entire day learning about new ways to help them stay healthy and succeed.