State-of-the-Art Englewood High School Set to Open Fall 2019
DISTRICT, SCHOOLS | June 9, 2017
State-of-the-Art Englewood High School Set to Open Fall 2019

We believe that every community deserves an excellent neighborhood high school that will give the children of Chicago the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams. So today, we are excited to announce that CPS plans to invest $75 million to open a brand new, state-of-the-art high school to serve the students of Englewood in the fall of 2019. We want to build a vibrant neighborhood option for south side students.

After hearing from the community including the Englewood Community Action Council, we will build the school on the current site of Robeson High School and will merge Robeson HS, Harper HS, Hope HS and TEAM Englewood HS’s school boundaries.

Englewood’s high school student population is the sixth highest in Chicago, but only 11% of students attend their neighborhood school. That’s more than any other neighborhood in Chicago, and our goal is to give Englewood students a high quality neighborhood school.

We Can’t Do This Without The Community’s Input

While we plan to best a modern and beautiful building, the heart of this building will be the top-notch learning that happens in the classrooms that inspires lifelong passions. We look forward to holding regular meetings and working with the community to design the type of academic programming that will help Englewood students achieve their dreams.

We hope you will join us for the first information session on July 19 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Parker Elementary School, 6800 S. Stewart Ave. At this meeting, we will discuss the following:

  • Academic Programming and Focus
    We plan on have a thoughtful process to learn from the community what best fits the needs of Englewood and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • School name
    What should the school be named? We believe it’s important that the community decides.
  • Individualized student transition planning
    Families of students who currently attend the four high schools being recommended for merger will also be contacted to discuss their plans and the best options to meet their educational needs. No student will be turned away from enrolling in the schools.CPS anticipates that the high schools will continue to serve the community, as Hope is co-located with KIPP Bloom College Prep and TEAM is co-located with Urban Prep Academy. Robeson would remain open during construction and CPS will work with the community on the best ways to repurpose the Harper site.
  • School Climate, Culture and Safety
    Ensuring student safety will be a key focus for us. We will develop a school safety approach similar to Safe Passage – in close collaboration with members of the community. Nothing matters more than student safety, and families’ voices will be critical as we develop transition and school climate plans going forward. We’re committed to creating a safe and vibrant school community in Englewood and will work to ensure that all students can travel safely to and from school, and that they are in a supportive environment at school.
  • And any other critical issues that concern the community.
    We’re excited about our new investment in Englewood and are hopeful that the new high school will contribute to the continued revitalization of Englewood. However, we know that you have questions and concerns and we’re committed to working with the community to address them.

Your input will be critical in creating this new school so that it best meets your children’s needs. We will have experts on hand to answer questions and hear your ideas on architectural design, curriculum development, and sports and athletics. If you would like to attend the meetings or just receive more information about the new high school, please sign up here:

View Conceptual Architectural Renderings of the proposed Englewood neighborhood high school.