2017 District Academic Progress Report
DISTRICT | September 7, 2017
2017 District Academic Progress Report

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year! We are thrilled to have your children with us for another year of exploration and discovery, and we are confident that they will continue to build on their incredible academic gains.

We also want you to keep track of CPS’ progress, which is why we’re enclosing the annual CPS Report Card in both english (pdf) and spanish (pdf).

As you know, Chicago students from every neighborhood in the city are doing better than they’ve ever done academically. In fact, UIC recently found that Chicago students are out-achieving their peers in the rest of the state. That means if you’re an African American or Hispanic student in Chicago, your academic achievement is higher than African Americans and Hispanics in the rest of the state.

There’s no way students could do this without the outstanding educators whose commitment to excellence is making their future brighter every day, or without families like yours, who create the environment and motivation for lifelong learning. We hope that today at school, you thank a teacher, and at home, you keep nurturing their curiosity and dreams.

This report card shows Chicago schools on the rise, whether it’s the fact that more than three-fourths of students are graduating, or that nearly 90 percent of high school freshmen are on track to graduate. CPS graduates also have more college and career credentials under their belt than ever before, which means they’re already getting credits in high school – and making college more affordable. And they’re earning scholarship dollars at a pace that means more students can stay in college – with a record $1.26 billion earned last year.

Elementary school students are also on the leading edge. Today, more than 60 percent of Chicago elementary students beat the national average for attainment in reading, and more than 50 percent are doing better than the national average in math. We’ll keep this report card updated at cps.edu/reportcard throughout the year.

We also know we have work to do, and we are committed to making sure that all of our students have quality school options in their neighborhoods. Too many people have counted Chicago children out through the years, but we know that when we set high expectations for them, they exceed our highest hopes.

With the district on stronger financial footing, CPS will continue to invest in proven ways to help students achieve, like International Baccalaureate and STEM programs, arts education, dual-language programs, and dual-credit, dual-enrollment opportunities. We will also continue our holistic approach to education, ensuring that children are exposed to social-emotional learning and have ample opportunities to develop college and career readiness skills. Finally, because the safety of your children is always our top priority, we have expanded Safe Passage to 145 schools, ensuring that 75,000 students can travel to and from school safely every day.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We pledge to provide a robust, well-rounded experience that is rooted in stability, integrity and academic progress. We look forward to partnering with you in the coming months, and we wish you and your children a safe and productive school year.


Forrest Claypool
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Public Schools

Dr. Janice K. Jackson
Chief Education Officer
Chicago Public Schools