Lindblom Student Named Scholastic Poetry Winner
STUDENTS | February 21, 2018
Lindblom Student Named Scholastic Poetry Winner

Lindblom senior Alexis Smith, 17, submitted a collection of poetry and won a 2018 Scholastic Writing Award at the Chicago Regional Level.

Q: How does it feel to achieve this accomplishment?

A: After learning that I received the award, I felt extremely surprised, but then that gave way to a deep feeling of pride. It was wonderful to have my writing be recognized.

Q: When did you start writing poetry?

A: I started writing poetry when I was in the 6th grade, but then I stopped. I did not pick it up again until my freshman year.

Q: Why did you get into poetry?

A: Initially, I got into it because I felt like it was something pretty cool, and I admired many writers who wrote poetry. The second time I started up I really liked the way I was able to express myself through writing.

Q: What do you enjoy about writing?

A: I enjoy writing because it is a very powerful way to express yourself. It is amazing the effect that a couple of words can have. It’s also pretty therapeutic to get out my feelings onto a piece of paper.

Q: What topics do you like writing about?

A: Generally, my poems tend to be about race. That’s a topic I am extremely comfortable with lending my voice to.