New State-of-The-Art Science Labs For These Schools
DISTRICT | June 27, 2018
New State-of-The-Art Science Labs For These Schools

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools announced on Wednesday the first group of 28 high schools that will receive new, upgraded or renovated science labs as part of the district’s nearly $1 billion capital budget, which was released last week.

Construction on the first 28 high schools is expected to begin in spring 2019 with completion by the start of the 2019-2020 School Year.

“The future is now, and this investment will ensure that every student in every neighborhood has state-of-the-art science equipment to prepare them for rigorous college coursework and the jobs of the future,” said CPS CEO Dr. Janice K. Jackson. “Every student in Chicago deserves to attend a school with high quality resources, and in the first year of this multi-year investment we are prioritizing schools with the most significant facility needs and those that serve minority and low-income students to ensure all of our students have an opportunity to reach their full potential.”

This $28 million investment is the first step in the district’s $75 million, 3-year investment to ensure that all high school students in the city receive a rigorous science education that prepares them to excel and succeed in 21st Century careers.

In total, 82 high schools will add, upgrade or renovate science labs over the next three years to support the new science graduation requirement and prepare students for jobs of the future.

CPS chose the first group of 28 school communities based on facilities needs and programmatic alignment, with a priority focus on school communities that primarily serve minority and low-income students.

The investment will ensure that every high school has state-of-the-art science equipment, as well as a lab layout that’s specifically designed to facilitate learning in the same location as the experiments. This will encourage collaboration in the laboratory to support student learning.

“For our students to succeed tomorrow, they need access to the best tools and technologies today,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “By equipping every CPS high school with a modern, state-of-the-art science lab we are helping to prepare every student in Chicago for a lifetime journey of discovery and inquiry.”

The investment also supports the district’s realignment of its high school science curriculum and graduation requirements to provide a more comprehensive science education that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The following 28 high schools will receive a new or renovated science lab by the 2019-2020 School Year as part of the FY19 budget:
• Austin CCA High School (New Lab)
• Bogan High School (Renovations)
• Bowen High School (Renovations)
• Bronzeville High School (Renovations)
• Chicago Agriculture High School (Renovations)
• Clark High School (Renovations)
• Corliss High School (Renovations)
• Crane Medical High School (Renovations)
• Curie High School (New Lab)
• Dyett Arts High School (New Lab)
• Harlan High School (Renovations)
• Hubbard High School (New Lab)
• Hyde Park High School (Renovations)
• Juarez High School (New Lab)
• Julian High School (Renovations)
• Kelly High School (Renovations)
• Kennedy High School (New Lab)
• Marshall High School (Renovations)
• Mather High School (Renovations)
• Phillips High School (Renovations)
• Prosser High School (New Lab)
• Raby High School (Renovations)
• Simeon High School (New Lab)
• Steinmetz High School (Renovations)
• Sullivan High School (Renovations)
• Tilden High School (Renovations)
• Washington High School (New Lab)
• Williams High School (New Lab)