Senior Accepted Into Stanford and Yale Summer Law Programs
STUDENTS | July 19, 2018
Senior Accepted Into Stanford and Yale Summer Law Programs

Clemente Community Academy senior, Isabella Garcia, has always dreamed of one day becoming a lawyer, and this summer she’ll begin her journey by attending two summer law programs, one at Stanford and another at Yale.

She’s calling it a “dream come true.”

Both programs are described as seeking “motivated and high-achieving students from around the globe to participate in a transformative educational experience.”

“I’ve worked very hard to pursue all my dreams and being accepted into these summer law programs is turning my dream into a reality,” said Isabella.

She said her teachers at Clemente encouraged her to work hard at her studies, which, eventually led her to love writing, English and public speaking.

“My math teacher would check on me every week about my college applications, and work on the SAT with me Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for 6 months,” said Isabella.

It was her counselor at Clemente, Ms. Cosgrave, that pushed her to apply to Yale’s program as early as sophomore year.

After being wait-listed that year, she says she decided to apply and attend Northwestern University’s summer program.

Refusing to allow a denial repress her dream, Isabella said she applied to Yale’s program again her junior year and was accepted. Next came Stanford.

“Stanford invited me to their law program,” said Isabella. “Getting accepted into both programs is an honor, and when I found out I could attend both, I was amazed.”

Bridget Garcia, Isabella’s mother, said she always knew Isabella would accomplish whatever she put her mind to.

“I was extremely proud when I found out she was accepted into both programs,” said Ms. Garcia. “[Isabella] is a hard worker, and has the tenacity to go after what she wants.”

Isabella’s success is only beginning.

Just this past June she was recognized as the valedictorian for the graduating class of 2019. And this upcoming school year she plans on “maintaining a perfect GPA, applying to at least fifteen schools, and getting into Harvard to study Law.”

She said she hopes her success encourages other students that they can make any dream come true too.

“If you keep pushing yourself to make your dreams come true, it will happen,” Isabella said. “If you keep practicing and pushing yourself to achieve your dreams, they will come true. Asking for help [along the way] doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger.”