A Dozen Principals Join Prestigious Program
DISTRICT | July 10, 2019
A Dozen Principals Join Prestigious Program

Twelve principals were selected to join the Independent School Principal Program for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. CPS launched the ISP program in 2015 to provide high-performing principals with the flexibility to innovate and the autonomy to operate their schools.

The following 12 principals will join the ISP Network:

“The Independent School Principals program speaks to one of our core values at CPS: empowering our excellent educators to lead dynamic change in their schools,” said CPS Chief Executive Officer Janice K. Jackson. “We are proud to continue growing the number of school leaders in this program; it speaks to the talent, ingenuity and dedication our district cultivates among its leaders.”

The Independent School Principal program (ISP) continues to grow. Since launching, the ISP program has more than tripled in size and it now includes 99 principals. 

In addition to providing principals who have a proven record of success with more autonomy to lead and innovate, ISPshave the opportunity to engage in a peer-to-peer professional learning space, where they discuss and share best practices. This offers experienced principals with the flexibility to grow their school community, and ensures they have the freedom to develop and serve our students for years to come.