A Sprinkling of Humor
DISTRICT | April 16, 2020
A Sprinkling of Humor

How a Viral Meme Trend Has Brought Chicagoans Together While Apart

It started at the lakefront. Then it made its way to the Bean, the CTA, and neighborhoods across Chicago. It became paintings and even took a trip skydiving. Mayor Lightfoot’s stern image warning all of us to stay home has shown up all over the city. While the abundance of memes have allowed Chicagoans to express their creativity and laugh a little through these challenging times, they’ve also highlighted the Mayor’s commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of everyone who calls Chicago home. 

CPS schools are having fun with the trend, too. At Kenwood Academy, Mayor Lightfoot has already been on watch for a week now, ready to tell anyone not practicing social distancing to break it up and go home. The school even updated its signage to remind people that staying home is the best way to save lives. She’s also been spending some time on the roof of Bateman Elementary looking out for people who might be walking a little too closely together. 

Even though this public health emergency is unpredictable, the core guidance remains the same: wash your hands as frequently as you can, stay six feet apart from each other, and remain at home whenever possible. By doing our part now, we’ll be able to enjoy all the best parts of our city—the parks, beaches and, of course, schools—again as soon as this is behind us. 

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