Returning to School: Day One in Photos
SCHOOLS | March 1, 2021
Returning to School: Day One in Photos

The joyful voices of elementary school students filled Chicago Public Schools buildings for the first time in almost a year as K-5 students returned to their schools. Neighborhoods came to life with buses rolling through them, parents and children walking to school, and teachers welcoming students back into the classroom.

Reopening schools has always been about equity and providing families with options to best meet their needs. Tens of thousands of proud parents dropped their children off at school today knowing that they would be well taken care of by dedicated staff who are putting safety first. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look below at some of our favorite shots capturing a successful return to school in communities across Chicago.

Safety is the top priority! Temperature checks are an important part of the morning routine at Kershaw Magnet School.

Masks on and ready to learn at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy!

Teamwork makes the dream work at Hendricks Community Academy! Technology will continue to be an important part of the school day whether students are learning at school or at home.

There are added safety precautions at Kershaw Magnet School, but that doesn’t mean students aren’t staying active!

Social distancing is an important part of classroom instruction at Foster Park Magnet Cluster School and schools across the city!

Thank you to all of our amazing teachers, administrators, and other staff members who are working hard to help students reach their full potential.

Working hard on spelling at Hendricks Community Academy!

Ready for day two at Foster Park Magnet Cluster School!