Eight Questions with an Eighth-Grader at Manierre Elementary
STUDENTS | April 15, 2021
Eight Questions with an Eighth-Grader at Manierre Elementary

“Knowing I’m an African American means that I have to prove something to different people,” says Demari B., a soon-to-be graduate of Manierre Elementary in Old Town. “Being at Manierre tells me that I’m doing something good and can set an example for the little kids so they can be just like me.” 

Sitting in his school’s beautiful library, he shared a list of goals that extend far beyond elementary school: get a college scholarship, study anatomy, and become a doctor or a surgeon. To reach those goals, he plans to rely on the same skills that he’s developed at Manierre, such as staying focused in class by participating and answering questions. 

Being back at the school he loves has helped Demari see the value in pushing through challenges and turning negatives into positives. Knowing his teachers, dean, and principal have his back, he’s hoping to complete eighth grade on a high note. 

Here’s eight more of his reflections on his elementary school experiences: 

How does it feel to be back at Manierre for the first time in over a year? 

It feels good because I can see the teachers who are teaching me more than I could learn online. They give you good vibes and make sure you stay on track and are doing alright. 

What were some of the positives and negatives of remote learning? 

Remote learning was okay. One positive was still having a way to be engaged in school. But a negative was that it was more difficult to get my work in as fast as I could. 

What subject are you enjoying the most this year? 

I’ve liked math since I was little. I get the problems really easily. Right now, we’re learning about equations and solutions. 

What’s one activity you enjoy outside of the classroom? 

I play football. I first started playing when I was eight years old. When I first started playing football, I liked it, but now I’ve gotten even more into it and have gotten better than I was back then.

Why is it important to have additional safety protocols at school this year? 

It lets other people know that we’re trying to keep people safe and make our school a better place. It shows them that we’re doing the right thing. 

What is the most important part of a school? 

The students because they give out the energy. When you come to school and your teachers see you are doing a good job, you give out great energy. 

As an eighth-grader, how do you set an example for younger students? 

If little kids are around me at school, I tell them to spend their time doing good things. I feel like I’ve grown out of doing most bad things and have matured a lot at Manierre. 

What are your hopes for Manierre Elementary in the future? 

This school is amazing and has been a great help since I’ve been here. I hope it gets a bigger name.

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