Nine Questions with a Hancock College Prep Freshman
STUDENTS | September 16, 2021
Nine Questions with a Hancock College Prep Freshman

Alejo’s transition from Twain Elementary School to Hancock College Prep High School was big in a lot of ways—but not geographically. Chicago’s Southwest Side has been his home for years, and now he’s part of the first group of freshmen to experience Hancock’s brand new building. This investment will ensure that students like Alejo will be able to benefit from a state-of-the-art high school for many years to come. Learn more about how his freshman year is going so far below! 

What are the main differences between elementary school and high school? 

I really like it here at Hancock. Everything feels different and so much more evolved. For example, with math, instead of just doing some problems, my teacher actually has us figure out the problems to learn different concepts. 

What will you always remember about your first few weeks at Hancock? 

I think I’m always going to remember my first time getting a little bit lost because the school is so big. My favorite part of the building is probably the big wooden stairs. 

Which subject are you enjoying the most and which one is most challenging for you? 

Math is my favorite subject because it’s so formulaic. Sometimes you might not know exactly what to do, but you have different tools that can help you solve problems. I think Spanish is probably going to be my biggest challenge, so I’m making sure to write everything down so I can do well when the time comes. 

What extracurricular activities are you considering getting involved in? 

So far, I’ve joined the cross country team. I might want to join a club like chess club in November when cross country is over. I am also considering becoming a film director as my career, so I would like to pursue a film club or something similar.

How have you been approaching the social side of high school so far? 

I’ve just been trying to talk to people, whether it be at lunch or in class. By getting to know them, it helps you start building friendships. 

What are your goals for freshman year? 

My top goal right now is just to get used to the school day and get used to Hancock. At my elementary school, I knew the ins and outs. I think my biggest adjustment will continue to be the size of the building and the number of students here.

If you had to choose between learning at home or learning at Hancock, what would you pick?

I would definitely learn at Hancock because it is more fun and lively to be around people and with friends while experiencing day-to-day school life. 

In your opinion, what is the most important part of high school? 

I think the most important part is how the teachers teach us and how they interact with the students. They shouldn’t just try to be our teacher; they should also try to be our friend. They can do this by getting to know the students, spending time interacting with them, and helping them if something is going wrong. 

My math teacher is a great example of this. He let us work through the problems, which were kind of like riddles, as a group while giving us little hints along the way. It was so fun trying to figure it out. 

If you had to describe Hancock in one word, what would it be and why? 

Fun. Every day I go to school, not only am I making friends, but I’m learning things that are going to help me along the way toward my adult life. And it’s really fun doing that, especially with other people.