A Q&A with Two Soon-To-Be Graduates from Mount Vernon Elementary
STUDENTS | April 18, 2022
A Q&A with Two Soon-To-Be Graduates from Mount Vernon Elementary

Emmanuel and Alonzo are two members of the CPS Class of 2022 representing Mount Vernon Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side. While they have had different paths to make it to graduation—Emmanuel has been a Mount Vernon student since kindergarten while Alonzo joined the school in sixth grade—they will both be attending Brooks College Prep in the fall. They also share perseverance, having overcome many challenges while still excelling academically and developing into leaders among their peers. Get to know them more below.

What are your interests both inside and outside of the classroom?

Alonzo: Inside the classroom, I enjoy learning about reading and writing strategies. I like to read and write because it’s calming and provides an overall sense of serenity. Outside of school, I’m into music and instruments, especially playing the guitar and the drums. 

Emmanuel: Writing is the subject that I like the most because I’m focused on trying to express myself more with words rather than actions. Outside of class, I like technology, sports, and music. 

What have you become known for as students at Mount Vernon?

Emmanuel: I think I’m known for how I’ve been able to change my attitude so now I’m better academically and in terms of my behavior. This happened because of maturity. My teachers and being in this school environment, which have all helped me find that maturity inside myself. 

Alonzo: I’m known mainly for academics. Students should do what works for them academically, but what works for me is listening to music while I get my work done to help me stay focused.

What will you miss or remember most about Mount Vernon? 

Alonzo: I’ve had two teachers who have meant a lot to me, my sixth- and eighth-grade homeroom teachers Mrs. Wood and Ms. Pender-Bey. They pushed me to succeed and helped me in the moments that I needed support the most. 

Emmanuel: I’ll always remember the Mega Event, which is a big party thrown at the end of the year behind the school. I’ll also remember the different activities that we got to do during the school day, such as gym class, music, and dance. 

What are your goals for the future, both for high school and potential future careers? 

Emmanuel: In high school, I want to keep learning how to control my behavior better. I like to play baseball, so I’m going to work toward being drafted by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and keeping my grades at a successful level. 

Alonzo: I want to better myself physically and mentally, and improve my academics in high school. I don’t really know what I want to be in the future, but I think I would like to be in the medical field because you get to help people. To reach that goal, I know I’ll have to stick with and follow through on my education. 

If you could describe your time at Mount Vernon in one word, what would it be? 

Alonzo: Plentiful. A lot of stuff happened while I was here that I know I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Emmanuel: Understanding, because I feel that the teachers were really patient with me and that helped me excel.